Via Ferrata, the most fashionable adventure sport

Via Ferrata, the most fashionable adventure sport|SMEXPERIENCES

When we think of adventure sports, we think of hiking, rafting, canyoning… but if there is one that is lately stealing the spotlight from all those mentioned above, it is undoubtedly the Via Ferratas.

¿What is a Vía Ferrata?

A Via Ferrata is an itinerary of vertical and horizontal course, provided with zip lines, suspension bridges, vertiginous stairs… to make the route more intrepid and full of adrenaline. The entire path is secured with a steel cable (lifeline) attached to a wall. All the Via Ferratas are equipped to guarantee the safety and progress of users, either with clamps, handrails, pegs, steps… Each Via Ferrata is unique and we are lucky to have in Catalonia the best Via Ferratas for beginners in this daring mountain sport.

Like many mountain sports, Via Ferratas are classified according to the degree of difficulty they present. The Hüsler Scale is the most used to classify all the Via Ferratas in the world, such as:

Via Ferratas for beginners

  • K1 (easy)
  • K2 (a little difficult)

Via Ferratas for intermediates

  • K3 (somewhat difficult)
  • K4 (difficult)

Via Ferratas for experts

  • K5 (very difficult)
  • K6 (extremely difficult)

This categorization is conditioned by the following technical aspects:

  • The total length of the route.
  • The total indicative time of the route.
  • Adaptability for children.
  • The number of total leaks that the tour has.


Thanks to this cataloging, we can know the difficulty of all the Via Ferratas, since in Spain, all of them are public and their construction and maintenance is the responsibility of the local municipal entities. Likewise, it is recommended to start practicing this sport at the simplest levels, and perform the Via Ferrata with a guide, as it will help you to recognize the environment and the safest techniques.

At this point, it is normal that you have endless doubts. If the curiosity bug has bitten you, here are a few questions that will surely make you decide to try this new adventure sport.

The Via Ferratas are free?

At the beginning yes, although some of them implement a toll in the summer months to raise funds for the conservation and maintenance of the area. Anyone with their own equipment can do them on their own, although it is always advisable to do a Via Ferrata with a guide at first if you are just starting out, or if you want to level up.

Is making a Via Ferrata difficult?

According. It depends on the level, the degree of difficulty, the strength and technique you have. Likewise, the Via Ferrata is an ideal experience for groups or children.

What age is recommended to do a Via Ferrata?

Anyone! That’s the good thing about this adventure sport: In Catalonia, you will find Via Ferratas from the easiest, to more complicated routes, which level up progressively. Learning to make Via Ferratas not a difficult task, you just have to start and add levels progressively!

Is a guide really necessary for a Via Ferrata?

Yes, if you are starting or changing difficulty. Carrying out your first Via Ferrata with a guide will help you learn the basic principles of this sport and gain confidence in yourself and on the ground.

Is it necessary to have a specific physical condition?

It is not essential, although it is necessary to have a minimum physical condition, since in some other Via Ferrata it is necessary to have strength in the arms to advance. Starting with a Via Ferrata for beginners is always the best option to gain technique.

If I haven’t convinced you yet, let me show you the best Via Ferratas in Catalonia! Without a doubt, our Autonomous Community, rich in slopes and reliefs, has the ideal terrain for this type of sport. In addition, among those mentioned below, there are many of the Via Ferratas most beautiful and impressive



Via Ferrata, the most fashionable adventure sport|SMEXPERIENCES


One of the Via Ferratas in Catalonia! This majestic route runs over the sea on the very Costa Brava.



Via Ferrata, the most fashionable adventure sport|SMEXPERIENCES

Short, but very entertaining, this Via Ferrata is ideal for beginners!



Via Ferrata, the most fashionable adventure sport|SMEXPERIENCES

It is advisable to access this Via Ferrata with a guide, since its passage is restricted to a specific number of people per day, which is why going with a company guarantees that it can be done.



Via Ferrata, the most fashionable adventure sport|SMEXPERIENCES

Without a doubt, one of the most popular Vías Ferratas in Catalonia! Indispensable for the most adventurous.



Via Ferrata, the most fashionable adventure sport|SMEXPERIENCES

Via Ferrata with a powerful slope and a long duration due to its mileage. One of the best Via Ferratas in Catalonia!

At SMexperiences we are experts in carrying out all kinds of excursions and adventure itineraries in the natural environment throughout Catalonia! We publish weekly new group activities in our AGENDA or you can reserve an activity privately through our contact form. CONTACT.



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