Sport climbing for beginners How to start?

Sport climbing for beginners How to start?|SMEXPERIENCES

If practicing sports in nature is one of your passions and you want to get to know the exciting world of climbing, the best way to do it is by taking an introductory course in sport climbing for beginners.

To carry out any type of rock climbing training, it is not necessary to have any specific physical preparation, but it is essential to have a great desire to learn and improve yourself.

Venturing to do an initiation course with a rock climbing guideis the best option you can choose if you want to learn this type of climbing without taking any risk.

Sport climbing for beginners How to start?|SMEXPERIENCES

Tips for beginners to sport rock climbing

Practicing in risk-free areas with a rock climbing guide

It is essential that the first contact with climbing in nature be in an activity led by a rock climbing guide, a qualified professional in the field, since in this way you will assume the least possible risk.

It is necessary to know that all adventure sports in the mountains, including climbing, is a risk sport, but practicing it with an approved climbing guide, and with the relevant equipment, carrying out all the security measures, is an activity that you will enjoy to the fullest.


Do a sport rock climbing formation

If you have already practiced rock climbing before, either doing a guided activity or going with friends, and you liked it, the best option to gain confidence and polish your technique is undoubtedly to take a climbing initiation course, where you will learn the basics by applying the necessary security measures. In addition to learning and gaining confidence, we are sure that you will meet incredible people who, just like you, are just starting out in this world.


Sport climbing for beginners How to start?|SMEXPERIENCES

4 Essentials that you will learn in a rock climbing initiation course

When you start climbing, it is important to dedicate time to technical work, since by improving your technique, regardless of whether you are starting or not, you will improve your efficiency and as a consequence, your climb.

Technique Rock Climbing Balance

As a starting point when learning to rock climb, we must develop good climbing technique. To do this, we must center our center of gravity in the middle part of the body and that it is in accordance with the dominant support points in the movement.

Technique Rock Climbing Body Control

Knowing how to control the weight of our body whenever we slide down the wall will make us completely master the movement and intelligently decide the right technique to move forward.

Technique Rock climbing Gestures

Performing different climbing routes or itineraries will vary the gestural repertoire of our body. It will help to better understand each technique depending on the situation or problem that we have to solve.

Technique Rock Climbing Learn by Watching

Looking at your buddies or your rock climbing guide will improve your technique as well as learning new sequences. It will also help to be able to solve certain blocks before ascending. 

Climbing is not just another hobby, it is a way of setting challenges, a way of defining your identity.

There is always a wall to climb and a next climb to face. 


At SMexperiences we believe that a climbing initiation course is more than just technical knowledge, it is working on group and individual values, forming bonds and enhancing mental and physical strength to enjoy this exciting sport. 

Our climbing course in Montserrat is ideal for those who want to start in the world of rock climbing in Catalonia. They are personalized and adapted to the needs of the students. 

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Sport climbing for beginners How to start?|SMEXPERIENCES

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Sport climbing for beginners How to start?|SMEXPERIENCES

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