Located very close to Barcelona, we find the Matagalls peak, one of the most famous mountains of Montseny. With an altitude of 1,698 metres, it’s perfect for trekking routes near Barcelona and enjoying a day in the mountains without getting too far from the city.


 The Matagalls mountain is located in the  Parc Natural de Montseny, the only park in Cataluña  to be classified as a Biosphere Reserve, ideal to let yourself be enchanted by many native species of flora and fauna, such as the holm oak and pine forests at low altitudes, and the popular beech forests at higher altitudes.

Although it is not the highest in the park, Matagalls mountain offers wonderful views of Barcelona and its coastline, as well as Montjüic, Tibidabo and the Torre de Collserol. On the other hand, looking west, you can see the Plana de Vic, where the city is located under the same name. To the south, we find the Montserrat massif, which offers us an unlikely landscape compared to the rest. Furthermore, depending on the time of year when you decide to climb to the Matagalls peak, you can see two very different – though not always visible – places: On sunny summer days, if you look southwards, you can see the Serra de Tramuntana of the island of Mallorca, crossing the Mediterranean Sea. Meanwhile, in the colder months, looking north, we can see the Pyrenees mountains, completely covered in snow.

The Matagalls mountain is one of the most representative and busiest in Cataluña. The excursion to Matagalls is a well-known and affordable route, but we always recommend hiring a guide in Matagalls specialised in the area.

The classic route of Matagalls starts at the Collformic car park. It’s ideal for all those who want to enjoy a day in the heart of nature without wasting time travelling by transport. Moreover, the terrain makes it a perfect route for trekking in a group, either with family or friends. As professionals, we consider the Matagalls route to be  moderate difficulty.

From the Matagalls car park, you can meet our guide. Once the route has started, we will gradually gain altitude, passing by different places of tourist and scenic interest until we reach the summit. Once we have reached the summit, we will rest a little, eat and hydrate ourselves to regain strength and continue with the Matagalls excursion. The descent will be a circular route passing by the Matagalls font, the Pla de Ginebres, the Collado de Sa Prunera and the Sant Miquel dels Barretons hermitage until we return to the Collformic car park, where we can have a snack or something to eat at the bar.

If there is one thing that makes Matagalls and its ascent stand out (apart from its popularity and affordability), it is that it can be combined with other tourist and leisure activities in the Natural Park itself, such as a visit to the village of Montseny, with medieval buildings and monuments more than 5,000 years old. Or Viladrau, a village full of legends and stories that will impress even the most sceptical. Not to mention other sporting activities such as mountain biking and horse riding. There is also the option of climbing the crests with ropes.


Without a doubt, the excursion to the Matagalls mountain is one of the most iconic, beautiful and historical trekking routes in Cataluña to enjoy at any time of the year.

If this is still not enough for you, you can see our complete Matagalls itinerary.

At SMexperiences we are experts in all kinds of excursions and adventure itineraries in the natural environment around Catalonia! We publish weekly new group activities in our AGENDA or you can book an activity privately through our CONTACT form.


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