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Climbing is an activity that consists of climbing walls, using your own physical and mental strength. Climbing is considered any ascent whether it is easy or difficult (depending on the person’s experience) with the lower extremities (feet and legs) and the upper extremities (arms and hands). In climbing, there are heights that involve considerable risk and in order to be safe, protective equipment is used.



It consists of climbing or walking up walls equipped with single-length routes with locks placed on the wall to ensure the safety of the climber. Its main feature is that the climbing is done only using the natural relief of the rock to progress.



Classic climbing consists of climbing or covering rock walls, steep slopes or other natural reliefs characterized by their verticality. It is usually done in the traditional Alpine way, that is to say, climbing a path along which the first of the ropes installs the locks and retrievable artificial anchors. They are usually of several lengths.


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