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Adventure with the best ferratas of Catalonia

A via ferrata is a route or passage that has been practiced on a rock face by means of a set of artificial installations (staples, hooks, nails, chains, suspension bridges, etc.) that allow ascending or descending vertical and steep mountain terrain.

Making via ferratas has become a very popular sport nowadays, since they provide access to peaks and summits that hiking routes cannot reach. Via ferratas are related to mountaineering and climbing, since they require similar equipment and the sensation they produce is very similar. Crowning a peak through a via ferrata provides a sense of freedom while enjoying a spectacular panoramic view.

This sport called via ferrata, which was born for military purposes, landed in Spain in the 90s, when the first routes began to be equipped. The first of them was the via ferrata Teresina, in the mountain of Montserrat (now closed). From that moment on, via ferratas multiplied and became popular until they became one of the most demanded leisure activities.

Most via ferratas are located in the Pyrenees, Pre-Pyrenees and Tarragona. The best way to enjoy with maximum security is to do the via ferrata with an expert guide who will watch over our safety at all times. With SMexperiences you can make the best via ferrata in Catalonia with a guide.

There are via ferrata for all levels, although the most sought after is an easy via ferrata in Barcelona for children and beginners. Our company still offers via ferratas of all levels in the most beautiful places of Catalonia, to choose between Barcelona, Lleida, Tarragona and Girona. These are some of the most emblematic via ferratas in Catalonia with different levels of difficulty.


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FAQS about our via ferrata routes

There is a necessary and essential equipment for all via ferratas: helmet, energy dissipater, harness, baga and gloves.

A good pair of comfortable trekking shoes is enough for the realization of the activity. All this material is included in our activities.

It is not difficult, but there are different levels of difficulty. You can find via ferratas of initiation grade K1, K2, K3 and medium grade K3-K4 up to expert level K5-K6.

All adventure sports involve some risk, but if you take the appropriate safety measures and have the mandatory safety equipment and are accompanied by a good guide, the via ferratas are not excessively risky.

It is not essential, but, as in any sport, a minimum of physical preparation is required, since some via ferratas require some strength in the arms.

It is highly recommended to go with a mountain guide if it is the first time you do a via ferrata or if you want to do a ferrata with a higher level than the one you have. Our guides are experts in the field, their experience and professional qualifications endorse them. It is always better safety and tranquility in these sports so you can relax and enjoy to the fullest.

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