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The best trails in Catalonia

Hiking and trekking is a physical activity that consists of walking through natural scenery such as mountains, forests, canyons or rivers. Hiking and trekking is a way to get in direct contact with nature while walking along paths between valleys and villages. You enjoy landscapes and places that would otherwise be impossible to get to know.

Few sports are as physically complete as trekking, and the benefits of hiking are endless. Not only does it help to develop the muscles of our body, but also walking in nature helps to escape from daily routines. Being an aerobic activity, it is ideal for developing strength and endurance, also helping to increase lung capacity.

Our routes cover all levels of difficulty according to the physical condition of each person, from easy circular routes to ascents with steep slopes and climbs.

We do trekkings of several days where we spend the night in mountain refuges, lodges or rural houses.

With SMexperiences you can visit spectacular areas throughout Catalonia and part of Spain, cross rivers, waterfalls, walk along footbridges and trails, and reach Pyrenean peaks with panoramic views. You will meet new people and become part of our community of hiking groups on the best hiking trails in Spain.

Join our most adventurous outings in our land and create your groups for hiking, always with the best mountain guides!

You will be part of our community of hiking groups, always with the best mountain guides!


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FAQS about our Trekking routes

All our guided routes are guided by qualified guides in medium mountain sports technician accredited by the Ministry of Education and registered in the ROPEC. In SMexperiences we only work with professionals specialized in each field and guild to have the best safety in the mountain.

Fortunately in SMexperiences we have never had any accident, thanks to our professionals who make sure that this does not happen, but in the mountains there can always be unforeseen events, so SMexperiences has a hiking, accident and rescue insurance for each of the participants. In addition our guides have the necessary notions for a first aid attention in case of being necessary.

All our activities can be carried out as a collective group in community by signing up in the programmed activities published in the AGENDA. But they can also be requested privately for a closed and exclusive group by sending an email or filling out the consultation form.

The most suitable hiking clothing is the 3-layer system to evacuate moisture and not lose body heat.

This is the hiking clothing that best suits us when we go to the mountains:

1st Layer: The inside, glued to the skin. Made of very quick-drying materials, its mission is to keep the humidity of sweat away from the body, evacuating it to the second layer and keeping the body dry. In winter, with warmer garments, it also helps to retain heat.

2nd layer: Its mission is to provide warmth. Traditionally it was formed by fleece linings or more athletic materials such as Powerstrech; today thin synthetic padded garments are also widely used. It collects the moisture expelled from the 1st layer, evacuating it to the outside.

3rd Layer: Jackets with membrane, waterproof, breathable, and windproof, whose mission is to prevent rain, wind and snow from passing to the inside, and in turn can evacuate the moisture inside.

The best hiking boots can be high-top or mid-top boots to support the ankle, which gives us stability and protection, especially to avoid possible ankle sprains or strains.

To take into account when choosing the best footwear for hiking:

– Comfort: Comfort is essential for trekking. To walk for hours you must have comfortable footwear and feel good in your boots.

– Grip: A sole with good grip is very important for walking in the mountains with rocky terrain. The best soles for trekking are those of the Vibram brand.

– Protection: Look for hiking shoes with a good technology of protective materials for the feet with reinforcements in the toe or heel. Avoid the risk of injury.

– Waterproofing and Breathability: It is very important that your footwear breathes for good ventilation, and at the same time prevents water, mud or snow from entering. One of the best brands on the market with waterproof technology is GORETEX.

For a good hiking equipment, we must not forget the trekking poles that help us to improve our balance and stability when walking. Whether on the flat, uphill or downhill, they help to maintain a proper posture, especially the back. Walking with poles also helps to distribute the weight and avoids putting all the effort on the lower back, kidneys and quadriceps. Fatigue will be less and progression will be much lighter.

Trekking activities

Ascensión al Pedraforca

Ascensión a la Gallina Pelada

Pic de la Dona, Bacivers i Bastiments


Panorámicas de Tavertet

Camí de Ronda


Salt de Sallent

Escletxes de la Freixeneda

Espectaculares vistas desde la cima del Puigsacalm

Fageda d'en Jordà


Fageda de la Grevolosa

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