Enjoy the virgin snow

Snowshoes, unlike other winter sports such as cross-country skiing, which require more technique and knowledge, are perfect allies for those who want to enjoy a sporting day in the snow without previous experience. 

With snowshoes you can make simple and circular routes opening a path between pines and maquias stepping on virgin snow and creating new trails in a safe and fun way, to more demanding ascents to peaks with not very steep angles.

Snowshoes are the tool you need to walk on snow without sinking with every step you take. One of their main features is their blades, which allow us to climb safely without fear of slipping.

The technique to enjoy them hides no great mysteries: you just have to walk on them, but with the feeling of walking with bigger feet, so the stride should be higher to avoid stumbling.

Snowshoeing is fun! And once you try it, you won’t be able to finish a winter without having enjoyed this pleasant sensation of walking on virgin snow.

Venture to our group trips and enjoy an unforgettable day. A professional guide will explain how it works and guide you through the best trails in the Pyrenees.


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FAQ - Snowshoes

They are artifacts that allow us to walk on the snow without sinking, while reducing the effort to be made. Thanks to these elements, the weight of the body is distributed over a larger snow surface.

It is a relatively simple sport, although there are various techniques to improve walking with snowshoes. Learning them is not difficult, and the result is a more pleasant walk. Snowshoe excursions allow us to reach places that we could not contemplate in any other way.

It is important to wear mountain pants and technical leggings. Hiking boots and suitable socks. Polar lining and anorak. It is advisable to wear layers and layers to be able to remove or put according to the temperature. Do not forget the sun cream, the canteen with water and a change of clothes.

The duration varies depending on the itinerary chosen, but in general they usually last an average of three to five hours.

Snowshoe hiking is an activity suitable for all audiences, since the use of snowshoes is simple and within everyone’s reach. In addition, the activity can be adapted to the physical level of the participant, that is, from taking walks through the forest to even reaching peaks.

The best period of the year to go snowshoeing is between November and April.

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