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Climbing is a sport activity that beyond your physical condition or ability with sports, helps you face unique challenges. Unlike other sports, climbing will test both your body and your mind. It will help you increase your strength levels, clear your mind, achieve greater stability and improve your flexibility.

Within climbing there are several modalities, among them:

Sport climbing
It consists of climbing or traversing walls equipped with single-length routes with safeties fixed to the wall to guarantee the climber’s safety to the maximum.

Long route
It consists of several pitches with more than one meeting on the route, using double ropes for greater safety in the progression. The routes are usually equipped with their respective parabolts or chemicals anchored to the rock.

From SMexperiences we offer you different options of sport climbing courses and long routes that will allow you to test your limits and challenge your abilities. Our stages range from initiation to technical courses.

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FAQs about Climbing

As described above, there are two types of climbing which have different material between them:

Long route mode: Gathering sling, self-locking knot sling, quickdraws, touring slings, multipurpose cat feet, belt and leg harness, belay device, rappelling descender, dynamic ropes, helmet, chalk bag, carabiners safety and small knife.
Sport modality: Harness, climbing shoes, helmet, rope, belay device, anchor bags, safety carabiners, sport climbing tapes, chalk bag.

Like any adventure sports activity, climbing is dangerous as long as the pertinent security measures are not carried out and the appropriate material is used. Having a specialized climbing guide and correct use of the material certifies the safety of each member of the activity. At SMexperiences we have all the approved material and specialized climbing guides that will make this discipline a super safe sport.

No previous experience is necessary, the courses we do are totally suitable for people who are starting to climb, without the need to have stepped on a climbing wall before.

Climbing can be done at any time of the year. In winter we will look for oriented routes on the south face so that we get the sun and not get cold. And in summer we will look for the north face of the mountain so that the same mountain shades us and does not get hot.

The ratio of people per guide, to ensure a perfect execution of the activity and guarantee the safety of all climbers, is usually a maximum of six people per guide, in level I and level II climbing courses. The personalized guides on the long route or sports technification will be exclusively with only your climbing guide as a partner.

The rock climbing initiation courses are generally carried out around Barcelona in the areas of Montserrat, Subirats, Garraf or Vilanova, La Facu sector.

Likewise, the guides and climbing courses or stages can be carried out anywhere in Catalonia, always on request.

Group climbing courses for initiation will be from 4 to 6 people and the price will be €55 per person. The personalized guides will be low budget and will depend on the place, the time and the difficulty.

In our courses, students do not have to worry about anything since we provide all the material. We include individual and collective material, such as the harness, safety helmet, grigri to secure, quickdraws, anchor bag and ropes. As an exception, the only thing that is not included in the price are the climbing shoes, since they are something very personal. However, if the student does not want to buy their own climbing shoes, we give the option of renting them for €10.

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