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Canyoning is one of the most fun and adrenaline-filled adventure water sports that leaves no one indifferent.

Also known as Canyoning, the activity takes place in the same canyons or ravines of a river and its route can be very varied: with stretches of great flow, points with deep pools, waterfalls, and also vegetation or desert terrain. It consists of descending downstream either walking, swimming, rappelling or climbing.

There are dry canyons ideal for practicing in winter time where the initial practice is rappelling.

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The canyoning equipment includes various essential materials to make the most of the descent safely through the ravines, such as neoprene, which acts as thermal insulation, canyoning boots, preventing slipping by favoring grip, an approved helmet, a rappelling harness and descend, rope, anchor lines, carabiners and a descender eight among others.

The best time of the year for canyoning is during spring and summer, due to snowmelt and increased river flow, as well as the high temperatures of the season, although dry canyoning can also be done throughout the year. where water does not interfere at any time along the route. Likewise, you can enjoy with SMexperiences doing aquatic or dry canyoning in any month of the year.

No previous experience is necessary, and despite the fact that there are ravines with more technical complicity, with the help of our professional guides, the activity can be carried out without problem and in complete safety. The client will only have to worry about enjoying the experience in a fun and safe way.

All our canyoning guides have guides qualified as “Canyoning Sports Technician” accredited by the Ministry of Education and registered in the ROPEC. At SMexperiences we only work with specialized professionals in each field and guild to offer the greatest security in the mountains.

Our prices vary according to the number of people in the group and the difficulty of the canyon. You can check our prices through our email or by filling out the inquiry form.

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